PANCLOR™ Technology

Cumberland has been at the forefront of electrochemical cell design for over 50 years. From our original and unique ‘Rotaclor’ cells, many of which are still in operation after 20 years of life, to our tubular system known as ‘ElChlor’ and through to initial launch of the PANCLOR™ system in 1989, Cumberland have invested heavily in research and development and product improvement programmes culminating in the new generation of PANCLOR™ electrolysers and systems.

The PANCLOR™ electrolyser is the heart of any PANCLOR™ system, each electrolyser consists of a series of electrolytic cells, typically 10 cells in series arranged as a multi-fingered bipole, the number of fingers in each cell specifically sized for the output capacity of the electrolyser. The electrodes are mounted in a carrier, which is housed in a tubular PVC body. Sufficient potential is applied to the electrolyser terminal connections to induce current flow through the cells. The carrier prevents stray current flow ensuring maximum efficiency. All fasteners used for the carrier assembly and the umbilical connections are of titanium construction.

Each PANCLOR™ electrolyser is connected in hydraulic series and the cells in electrical series. Inter electrolyser connections are manufactured from solid copper.

PANCLOR™ electrolysers operate normally under constant seawater flow rate. The DC current applied to the cells is adjusted to control the chlorine output so as to instantaneously match the treatment requirements.

PANCLOR™ electrolyser is configured utilising the lowest current density and energy consumption in the industry.

PANCLOR™ systems operate at 4.0 kWh/kg of active chlorine with many achieving 3.5 kWh/kg or less depending on site conditions.

All Cumberland electrolysers are manufactured from the highest quality materials;

A range of electrodes – Platinised Titanium, or special coated Titanium dependent on application.
DSA Anodes – Dimensionally stable anodes;
Internal carriers and fixings made from Titanium or plastic materials
Casing made of high quality PVC
External fixings made from hot dip galvanised steel;
Electrical connectors made from solid copper;

PANCLOR™ electrolysers operate on a once through basis without the need for recycle; consequently there are no moving parts which together with wetted components specified in plastic or corrosion resistant materials results in minimal maintenance. Electrodes carriers can be withdrawn from the outer casing without the need of special tools or specialist engineers.

The main components of the PANCLOR™ system are:
  • Seawater booster pumps (optional))
  • Seawater strainers (optional)
  • Automatic backwashing filters
  • PANCLOR™ electrolyser skids
  • Transformer Rectifier Units
  • Motor control centre (MCC)
  • System control panel (PLC)
  • NaOCl storage and degassing tank
  • Hydrogen Dilution Blowers
  • Continuous NaOCl dosing Pumps
  • Shock dosing pumps (optional)
  • Instrumentation
  • Acid Cleaning system skid
  • Interconnecting wiring
  • Interconnecting pipework.


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